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What is Website Maintenance And Why Should You Hire A Website Maintenance Services Company?

Website maintenance is the process of keeping a check on a website regularly for errors and downtime and keeping it up to date and relevant for users. Websites should be maintained on a regular and consistent basis so that you can keep your website healthy, boost traffic growth and build up your SEO and google rankings. 

Making a website maintained efficiently helps small and large businesses to lure customers and retain them. It is easy for businesses, particularly startups. 

Website maintenance is essential. If not taken care of, problems will get piled up and brought up shortly. Just as if you do not see a doctor for too long, your health will deteriorate; similarly, if a website is not maintained over a long period, the website’s health will deteriorate too.

A website maintenance company will make sure your website is working well most of the time.

Steps Involved in Website Maintenance Services

To keep your website running smoothly, you need to complete a long list of tasks. Security updates and patches of websites are the most crucial ones to be done. If these security updates are done, the website is prone to danger when someone clicks on it.

Keeping this in mind, here is the list of tasks that need to be done.

Website Maintenance Tasks To Be Done Weekly

It needs to be checked that all pages are loading without any errors.
You should run a backup to store the previous version of the site even after the update.
Updates to be made to website software and plugins.
It needs to be checked if all forms are running correctly.
Any spam comments from pages and posts should be removed.
The page should be checked for any broken links.
Look for 404 erros and fix or resolve them.
One or more blog posts should be written to engage the audience and boost SEO traffic.

Website Maintenance Tasks To Be Done Monthly

The loading speed of the website should be checked and ensure that nothing is making it slow.
Security scans should be reviewed and analyzed to ensure that everything is in its place.
Past web analytics should be analyzed.
Articles should be checked if they need any updates on the blog.

Website Maintenance Tasks To Be Done Quarterly

Website design and structure should be reviewed and checked if it needs any improvement.
Graphics and images should be checked if they can be updated.
SEO and meta descriptions should be reviewed, and check if they can be made better.
Forms, call to action must be tested and modified.
All the workload assigned should be reviewed from time to time and check if something can be automated.
The website should be checked on all devices whether it is working fine and displaying correctly.
The advertising and marketing campaigns should also be reviewed to see if any update is required.
To check backup health, a previous version of the website should be restored.

Website Maintenance Tasks To Be Done Yearly

Any references to the current year should be updated.
Each page should be checked and reviewed for content accuracy, grammar, typing mistakes, and relevancy to the topic.
Check for all active email addresses and see if there are any excess and can be removed.
Make sure that you renew your website domain name.
Check whether a website design update is due.
The top-performing blog articles should be reviewed and checked if some new content could be added.

Proper Website Maintenance Plan

As mentioned above in the to-do list, consistent website maintenance is essential for running a business. If maintaining a website is not done correctly, it can lead to seriously complicated issues and give a significant setback on the growth and health of the business. 

Good website health is essential to keep the website on the top. There should be aware to track the fitness of the website.

Website sizes are growing year by year, as new tools for building websites are increased, making website building more straightforward and more accessible. Adding pages to your website is easier as compared to making every page count.

Why Is It Essential To Hire A Website Maintenance Company?

Most small companies have much more to think about in their businesses than check their website regularly. Though buying a domain name, setting up a temporary website, and thinking about it later, might be alluring but it is not a good idea due to several reasons. There are many other factors for which it is considered essential to keep the website up to date, active, and safe.


What is the primary purpose of starting a business? The answer is to have an audience, customers, or clients who would help the business gain profits. There will be customers and clients once traffic is driven towards your website. This could be possible when you keep your website regularly updated.

Google ranks the websites based on the most relevant information and updated information on their search engine results page. De-indexing is also done to a website if no update has been done for the content in recent times and infection of malware has been suspected on the website. Therefore, it is recommended that your website should be updated regularly with the latest news, trends, keywords, content, grammar, etc.

Regular website maintenance is vital for boosting SEO health.

Customer Engagement

As soon as the website goes live, it is expected that it will gain some traffic and audience reach. The potential customers who showed their interest should be retained. There is a possibility of losing the customers if your website could not help them with what they needed.The website should be free from any typing errors, grammatical issues. It should have all the information that a customer wants, and the website should look engaging, appealing and consistent in updating the latest trends.


Security is one the most important reasons for focusing on website maintenance, especially if the website is storing some data of customers. Installation of regular software updates and security patches should be ensured if you are using website building platforms like WordPress or Wix. It is advised because hackers find it easy and simple to find and locate websites that have been inactive for quite a long time.

Corporate Image

Creating a website with a proper structure and a professional look is simple and easy. Every business is expected to deliver its theme from its website. In the same way, professional companies need to maintain a professional website with its related features. In case the website fails to deliver the image of professionalism, the customers will switch to another website wherein they get according to their expectations.

Your Sanity

For a business, the most important element is its website. On one hand, it can become a support and an asset if working in a smooth and updated condition. On the other hand, if it is not working in a good condition, it can become your liability and can cost you much.

Also, if you lag behind the task of website maintenance, it will be a very lengthy task to start and make it up to date. Therefore, it is suggested to start afresh if the website is not taken care of over a long period of time.

Keep Up With Trends In Design And Technology

Customers get attracted to a website that looks attractive. A website will look attractive when it is designed keeping in mind the proper structure and is up to date. If you maintain and update your website on a regular basis, you will get the opportunity to adopt new technology that comes in, which will help to smoothly function the back end work of the website. Also, if you install software updates regularly, you will be able to use the new features that get installed with the updates.

To keep up with the new online trends, you can adjust the design and structure of the website to be updated. It is always better to get through a company that has an upgraded website rather than a website that looks outdated.

Benefits of Hiring A Website Maintenance Company in India

Keep Your Content Clean And Updated

It should be kept in mind that content gets outdated when more pages get added to the website. The unchanging material should be reviewed regularly to see if any changes can be incorporated. Regarding updates on news or likewise content, new updates should be added along with it rather than replacing the old content. The documentation of products may also become outdated with new releases, therefore, they should be kept upgraded with time. 

Companies latest policies and standards should be reviewed and checked so that no legal issues arise in the future. The blog should be kept clean from all spam comments to provide better interaction of the customers on the blog page.

Repairs and Fixes

The website should be regularly checked for bugs, errors and broken links. You should ensure that all images and external files are properly referenced.

Compatibility Testing For Browsers

The website should be checked on all devices with various browsers to see if it is functioning properly on all of them. It is an important part of website maintenance.

SEO Enhancements

There should be integration of SEO methods that will help in boosting the site in search rankings. Working on keyword phrases, improving meta description, writing good page titles are some of the SEO tasks that need to be worked upon.

Incorporating User Feedback

A good website is the one that lets users provide their feedback on the same. There should be clear methods for the users to provide feedback. It can be in the form of a contact form or email address on the contact page. Feedback can also be procured by social networking , polls, surveys, comments on blog posts. A feedback section lets the user get the proof that the company is customer centric and their service is the company’s priority.

How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost In India?

There are various factors on which the cost analysis for a website maintenance is done, such as purpose of website, size of audience, amount of hosted content. Below mentioned is the detailed analysis of the cost criteria.

Small Personal Blog

A blog that does not come across so much traffic and has very few requirements is a small personal blog. It can be posted for free on a blogging platform like google blogger. It can also be self hosted using a website such as WordPress at a very nominal subscription cost for renewal of domain name and hosting service.

Medium-Large Sized Active Blog

If a blog is giving you profits, you would want to earn more by self hosting it by using some customisations. More frequent updates, marketing, backup, and a little more expenditure would be needed for such blogs and their modifications.

Company Website For The Purpose Of Marketing Only

Just as a medium sized blog, it will be self hosted with a simple design structure and a minimal content. Regular updates, backups, marketing will be required with low maintenance costs.

Large Customised eCommerce Websites

There will be a larger financial investment since you need to be extra careful for website maintenance. You are in charge of larger content, customization of codes, and consumer information. A proper IT team is required in the staff for the well maintained website. In case, the IT team is absent, a proper web maintenance package should be hired to the proper upkeep.

Custom-built Web Application

The custom built web application is considered the largest financial investment. This web application was structured initially for a particular purpose, and it should always be in an updated version so that the company does not suffer. A well experienced vigilant team is needed for this purpose.

Advantages Of Paying For Website Maintenance Services

You are aware of the fact that website maintenance is mandatory for all websites, irrespective of their sizes. Similarly, there are many advantages of maintaining a website from a website maintenance company in India. Even you can yourself manage the website maintenance but hiring another person for it will let you save time and stress.

  • An expert team will be hired for the purpose of website maintenance. They know better what to look for and what to expect.
  • By hiring someone else, you can focus on other aspects of the business that too need your attention.
  • Employing a third party is cost-effective, and the package will be chosen as per the needs of the website.

How To Determine Whether You Should Buy Website Maintenance Packages in India?

There are many factors that should be considered before going for purchasing website maintenance packages

  • The website size.
  • The main purpose of the website.
  • How much content of your website is personalised?
  • How quick is the business developing?
  • Your experience in website maintenance
  • The time required for website maintenance.
  • Is the website not up to date?